2013 DC31 Mohawk Handlebar

Deity saca al mercado su nuevo manillar de Carbon, el DC31 Mohawk. Este cuenta con la posibilidad de elegir entre varios colores,  tan solo 249 gr y un precio de 189$.5203826_orig


Diseñado para DH, Enduro y All Mountain

Construido en Carbono

Largo 78,7 cm

Diámetro 31.8 mm

Peso 249 gr

Precio 189$

Ya a la venta36745_orig 2534995_orig 3497530_orig 6138703_orig 6727500_orig 9113215_orig 9147588_orig 9967166_orig

Eric Davies (Deity Owner/Designer)
After many years of working with every variation of aluminum and cr-mo, we have a heightened understanding of every process we can put the materials through, so when we began to contemplate the creation of a carbon handlebar years ago…I took the process extremely seriously and wanted to design a work of art.

Many companies are simply picking existing molds that are available to use by factories, but we wanted to manufacture our handlebars from the ground up and that required for us to become immersed in the material. The number one thing I knew we had to do was have private meetings with leading manufacturers and designers within the automotive racing industry, the golf industry, and key people in cycling so that we could understand every possibility and what we could achieve in a racing handlebar.

Without a doubt, the process has been eye opening and has led to some of the best work we have ever done. Sure, it took a long time to come to fruition, but the proof is in the product, the detail we put into it, and the ride characteristics they bring to a bike.


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