2013 Red Bull FoxHunt, Resultados

Este fin de semana se ha celebrado una de las pruebas mas simpáticas del Downhill mundial, se trata del Red Bull FoxHunt, celebrado en Rostrebor (County Down). Como ya os contábamos en otra ocasión, Gee Atherton trata de cazar a 400 participantes e intenta acabar por delante de ellos. Este año la victoria ha sido para Colin Ross, seguido de Greg Gallaghan y Joe Barnes.Competitor - Lifestyle1


Gee Atherton said: “The course was incredible, much more technical than in previous years and really leant itself well to the whole Foxhunt concept. It definitely challenged the riders, a lot more interesting”. The traffic was tough “It was really difficult, I set off late actually, it was definitely a battle. I passed a lot on the first open section before the bridge and the bottleneck. I got passed a few and then after that it completely locked down and there were just bodies everywhere, I was really rough and man handling a bit. We started moving and I could start to pass people, I would throw out an elbow and put someone into the bank. That was the only way to get past. It started to speed up then and it started to be a bit free’er and that was where I did the majority of the overtaking”.1270549_10151943053367359_1544890196_o Red Bull Foxhunt Red Bull Foxhunt Red Bull Foxhunt Red Bull Foxhunt Red Bull Foxhunt Red Bull Foxhunt Red Bull Foxhunt struggling-on the-fox-is-coming Red Bull Foxhunt Red Bull Foxhuntat-the-finish-line3


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