Eliot Jackson y Micayla Gatto fichan por Pivot Cycles

Eliot Jackson y Micayla Gatto formaran parte del Pivot Cycles Factory Race Team 2014 en el que ya milita Bernard Kerr. Esta es una buenísima noticia ya que aumentara la competitividad y equipos fuertes en la próxima World Cup DH.1

Press Release:

Pivot Cycles are extremely pleased to announce that Eliot Jackson and Micayla Gatto will be joining Bernard Kerr on the Pivot Cycles Factory Race Team for 2014!

The first year of the Pivot Cycles Factory Team in 2013 exceeded expectations and only got stronger as the year went on. Bernard Kerr was able to join an elite group of riders by breaking into the top ten at the Hafjell World Cup, as well as placing 8th in the Canadian Open DH and 4th at the Bringewood British National Round. The team plans to build on this success with what we believe to be the most exciting, stylish and complementary roster of the 2014 season.

Eliot Jackson is able to do things that seem to defy logic, all while being humble, approachable and down to earth. Now that he is not focusing 100% of his efforts on winning World Cups, he has more time to do what he does best: ride a bike like no one else in the world does. Eliot brings an enthusiasm and positivity to the team and circuit that is unparalleled and we are happy to have him as a part of Pivot Cycles family.

1233290_590201471025549_1799500_oMicayla says “Being named to the Pivot Cycles Factory Team for 2014 is a dream come true. The bikes look amazing and I cannot wait to test them out. I’m so excited to be doing something fresh and different, and to be on a team with two of my best friends from the WC race circuit. Our team dynamic is going to be INSANE! Bernard and Eliot are so incredibly talented, friendly, easygoing and outgoing guys, it’s an honour to be put beside them on the team. Nothing but greatness will come from this collaboration of top-notch products, best friends, and racing around the world. This kind of support and recognition is a goal I’ve been striving to reach for my entire career; I could not be more excited!!”1205_529382200457432_1888596090_nEliot says “I don’t think I can express how happy and fortunate I am to be riding in the 2014 season! Pivot Cycles have given me an opportunity of a lifetime and I can’t wait to hit the slopes with two of my best friends, Micayla and Bernard. While I will be racing, my main focus this year is showing everyone just how great these bikes are and producing content for all of you to enjoy. I’ve made a lot of progress with my illness, which will allow me to do this safely and comfortably. This is probably a huge surprise to pretty much everyone, but who doesn’t like a nice surprise every now and then? “

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