Camara dual de Schwalbe

Schwalbe y Syntance se unen para crear un novedoso sistema de doble camara para Enduro & Downhil denominado TUbliss. Se basa en una pequeña camara de aire junto a la llanta y otra superior hasta la cubierta. Esto facilitara el llevar el neumatico a baja presion con el consiguiente beneficio de agarre y seguridad.full_SchwalbeDualChamber_103315

Digamos que la 1ª hara la funcion de salva-llantas en caso de pinchazo que evitara el destalonamiento de la cubierta y la segunda tendra la funcion normal Tubeless. El sistema solo aumentara el peso en 200 gr, aun no hay precio de venta al publico.shwalbe-tu-bliss-0En la foto se puede ver como pasa el aire de una zona a otra, ambas individuales.

Shwalbe release:

Schwalbe and Syntace are pooling their knowledge and resources to develop a revolutionary idea for mountain bikers – a dual chamber tire and wheel system.
With a dual chamber system it will be possible to ride with very low air pressures and consequently, to improve tire performance enormously. Independent of one another, Schwalbe and Syntace had the same idea, but now the two companies have decided to join forces and further develop the system together.
With low air pressure, off-road tire performance improves significantly. The tires can adapt better to the terrain and react far more sensitively; they roll more easily over uneven ground and provide more grip and control.

Riders cannot risk riding on standard MTB tires with less than 20 psi because the possibility of snake-bites is simply too great. And with the current trend toward wide wheel rims, the trail performance of the wide tires at low air pressure is improved, and has become less “spongy”, but the risk of snake-bites remains the same.

The solution is a dual chamber system.

The dual chamber system has an additional air chamber inside the tire. This inner chamber is filled with high air pressure and effectively prevents the tire hitting the edge of the rim. At the same time, the inner system also secures the tire on the rim and prevents the dreaded “burping” (a loss of air) of the tubeless system in the case of low pressure. Depending on the situation, the air pressure in the outer chamber can be reduced to 14 psi without running any risk.
Schwalbe will be responsible for the production and marketing of the dual chamber system and it is expected to be compatible with conventional tires and rims and weigh less than 200 grams.

All test cyclists to date have been thrilled with the new possibilities:

At 14 psi, the tire grip is incredible. The contact surface is very large and the tires seldom, if ever, slide on loose ground. Even on the roughest terrain, the tires literally stick to the ground.

The tire is the most sensitive cushioning element on the bike. The extra cushioning and traction because of the low air pressure leads to much better control over the bike and allows distinctly higher speeds.

All this without the risk of snake-bites. Dented rims become a thing of the past. Significantly lighter tires can be used in even the toughest conditions. And in addition, the additional air chamber has excellent emergency running characteristics.

With the combined efforts of both Schwalbe and Syntace, the dual chamber system will reach market maturity by Eurobike 2014 with precise information regarding design, pricing and Patents pending

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